Bloomberg announces changes to target weight calculations for the Bloomberg Commodity Index for the January 2018 rebalance.

Source Change: World Sugar Production Data

In order to provide better transparency, the Bloomberg Commodity Index will start using USDA’s Sugar and Sweeteners Yearbook and its website ( as the source for world sugar production data. The current data source, ISO’s Sugar Yearbook, is the only referenced source in the Bloomberg Commodity Index that is unavailable to the public. The new source will be used to calculate the target weights for the January 2018 rebalance. The change in data source is not expected to have a material impact on the target weights.

Date Range Change: Settlement Prices and Volume

In order to better represent current market conditions when calculating the BCOM target weights, Bloomberg is changing the calendar year cycle from January – December to August – July for pricing and volume data. This change in calendar year cycle will be reflected in 2018 target weights, and will eliminate seven month latency in the pricing and volume data.

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